I am a Certified Rolfer™ and received my training at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado. I chose to train in the art of Rolfing Structural Integration (Rolfing SI) as I appreciate the practical and direct, unique, and holistic approach that Rolfing SI offers to help people resolve pain and correct imbalance in their body. My goal is very simple. I want to see my clients feel more empowered and be able to participate more fully in whatever it is that brings them joy and happiness.

When I first came upon Rolfing SI, my body felt tightly wound and just the simple act of standing felt uncomfortable to me. In receiving my first Ten-Series, I found that the Rolfing SI sessions worked very well to open up and release my body structure in a way that I had been unable to achieve before. It was as though I finally had room to breath in areas of my body that were previously wrapped up very tightly. Initially I felt my structure oscillate between this new place of greater ease and my old tightly wound way of being. As I continued with the Ten-Series I found that the unwinding process continued to deepen and hold in a way that was new to me.

About twelve months after receiving my first Ten-Series, I completed another five Rolfing SI sessions. This time the work travelled even deeper than before, and the ease that I felt in my body became much more stable. It was as though my body remembered the previous Rolfing work and was now much more available to change. I was able to release deeper tightness held specifically in my rib cage and hips. I felt that the release was more complete and found that it actually continued to deepen even after I finished receiving the sessions. It was such a great feeling to experience this type of change in my body.

In my Rolfing practice I see every person as a unique individual who has their own unique way of organizing their body structure. There is no one method for working with a particular issue as no issue is exactly the same for every person. I find practicing this modality to be an incredibly rich and rewarding experience because of the changes that I get to be a part of. My aim is to unwind the trauma, strain or injury that is held in a person’s body. When the trauma, strain or injury is released from the tissue, what remains is a basic sense of ease and comfort. While Rolfing SI is a very direct hands on practice, it can also be very subtle at times as not all traumas respond to the same approach.

To complement my Rolfing practice, I have trained in the Source Point Therapy method. Source Point Therapy is a simple approach to energy medicine with the aim of connecting the physical body to the energetic blueprint for inherent health. This therapy works on an understanding that as the energy of the body is balanced, the physical body will follow.

In addition to this training, I have completed further Rolfing training that specifically work to align and repair the bony structure of the body, the scar tissue of the body, and to bring balance to the whole cranium.

One of my other interests is in the art of Qi Gong. This is a traditional chinese health and longevity practice that works on building and moving the energy of the body. I have studied Golden Shield Qi Gong under Dr. Don Zhang, DAOM, PhD and I am a Certified Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong Instructor.

Dr. Don Zhang has also released a system of fitness training called Fit-150 (Intended Evolution Fitness) which is a new practice that works directly to restore the human being to a natural state of health and longevity already present in nature’s original design. This system is based on Dr. Don Zhang’s theory of “Intended Evolution” combining eastern traditional health arts with modern scientific theories. I am a certified Fit-150 instructor.