If you are a seasoned yoga practitioner desiring a deeper yoga practice, or a beginner who would like to start enjoying the benefits of yoga, there are several ways that Rolfing Structural Integration (Rolfing SI) can complement your practice:

Ease of Movement

An important part of Yoga is attaining and maintaining certain postures to promote health and well-being. It can be a great way to relieve stress and improve flexibility overall. Rolfing SI treatment can help by making it easier for you to move your body, which will of course make practicing yoga that much easier as well. With a good Rolfing practitioner, you can regain flexibility that may have been lost due to age or lack of use.

Improved Posture

Rolfing SI works on the tissues that influence the alignment of the body and improves your posture naturally. When your body is properly aligned and your posture is improved, you may find that some of the more advanced yoga poses and practices are easier to attain and maintain. And, improved posture can help you in your everyday life as well.

Sense of Emotional Well-Being

Rolfing SI treatment has been said to give people an enhanced sense of emotional well-being, which is a well-known benefit of yoga as well. Combining Yoga and Rolfing SI together can help many people reduce the stress that comes with everyday life and attain a higher level of overall happiness.

yoga mudra

“Fascia is the organ of posture. Nobody ever says this; all the talks about muscles. Yet this is a very important concept, and because this is so important, we as Rolfers must understand both the anatomy and physiology, but especially the anatomy of fascia.” – Ida P. Rolf